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Kingfish refers to a single species while kingfishes refers to multiple species. Southern kingfish or whiting reach sexual maturity by one year. The past National Champion Captain must notify SKA of this change and receive approval to transfer the qualifying position. Minimum Size Limit: None. Members also agree by joining the association, that all decisions of SKA management are final. We encourage tournament participants to heed any weather warnings, as safety is paramount. Back is grayish-brown, fading to silvery sides and belly; 7 to 8 indistinct diagonal dark blotches on sides; Scales on underside are nearly the same size as body scales COMPETITION MEMBERSHIP: Competition Members are entitled to the following: The right to compete in any number of the Divisions as, if qualified-  Lady Angler, Veteran, or Senior Angler Categories. Call toll-free in *Maryland* at 1-877-620-8DNR (8367) Out of State: 410-260-8DNR (8367) Hooks/Tackle and any items used to stop blood loss must be removed prior to bringing a fish to the scales. D. REELS: Reels must comply with sporting ethics and customs. Largest of the mackerels, the king mackerel may reach a length of 5.5 feet and weigh 100 pounds. Furthermore, said member agrees that all decisions on disputes and/or protests are final and cannot be judged by any court or other authority. LEADER: The use of a leader is not required, but if one is used it must meet the following specifications: Single strand, multi-strand, and/or braided wire leaders are acceptable. If there are limits or minimum sizes, they are for the whole kingfish family. Registration and local rules apply. This disciplinary action is subject to the discretion of the management of SKA. Teeth villiform, set in broad bands on jaws, upper jaw with a distinctly larger, widely spaced outer row teeth. It is the official policy of the SKA to polygraph tournament winners as well as random tournament participants in SKA produced/sanctioned events and National Championship when deemed necessary or possibly as the result of any and all protests. For teams that fish more than three events within their division, their lowest weighing fish points are dropped - SKA keeps the three highest weighing fish for points. The Gulf kingfish is gray with no blotches. Red Snapper Season Opens Friday, New Snapper – Grouper Regs and NC Wants Your Carcass For months, fishermen along the South Atlantic Coast were not expecting to have even a short red snapper season for 2020, after the slight overage in catch during 2019. In the event a Junior Angler is indicated on the points form but does not fish, it is the responsibility of the team captain to notify the SKA representative prior to the last fish weighed, so the SKA Points Form can be corrected. Any angler, who uses illegal methods to capture fish, including baitfish, may be subject to disqualification and/or expulsion by the tournament committee and/or the SKA. Captain’s Choice: It is up to the discretion of the participating captain to determine whether their craft is seaworthy for the existing conditions. Anglers can catch up to 100 pounds with a recreational fishing license. Boat switching in a division is not allowed with the exception of approved breakdown substitution. NOTE: If you are in the process of selling your Small Boat Class boat and moving to Open Class, it is recommended that you declare Open Class at the beginning of the season. Any member, or members who threaten or pursue any form of litigation against the Southern Kingfish Association, or any of the SKA Sanctioned Tournaments, will be permanently expelled from the organization and its Sanctioned Tournaments. In the Southern Zone, which extends from the North Carolina/South Carolina state line to the Miami-Dade/Monroe Florida county line, the trip limit begins at 3,500 pounds. Minimum legal length: 60 cm measured from tip of snout to tip of tail; Personal daily bag limit: 1; Daily boat limit when 3 or more people are fishing on board: 3 Once SKA accepts your membership, no refunds will be issued. Trip Limit: For details, please see the CFR. Regarding the standings or awards of SKA points, prizes, etc. 17. COMPETITION NEXTGEN MEMBERSHIP: Competition Next Generation (NEXTGEN) Anglers are defined as 13 to 17 years old. F. OTHER EQUIPMENT: Gaffs and nets used to boat or land a fish must not exceed an overall length of 12 feet. As long as the NEXTGEN Angler 18th birthday is after January 1 of the calendar year of competition they can compete as a NEXTGEN Angler for the remainder of the season. Primary membership for new members includes limited-edition membership T-Shirt (while supplies last), SKA NEXTGEN Prizes. The only exception to this rule is an area affected by red tide. 7. all gear is authorized except for drift gillnets and long gillnets. Anyone violating the honor system will not be awarded points for that event. They must use the boat name that the captain won the title in for at least two (2) sanctioned events during the current season. Annual Catch Limit (ACL) – This species is managed under an ACL. For Example-. 9. Failure to do so will result in the team’s points not counting for that tournament. SKA rewards them for participation as part of the fishing team. Any boat found possessing King Mackerel in weighable condition prior to check-out will be subject to disqualification. Jurisdiction over the tournament trial shall be exclusively that of each tournament director or committee. For Example – If Division 10 Open Class has 100 boats the top 25 Boats would qualify for Nationals. Using a boat or other device to beach or drive a fish into shallow water in order to deprive the fish of its normal ability to swim. This is primarily in the case of Junior Anglers who may tire more easily. This includes the motor, hydraulic or electrically driven reels and any device, which gives the angler an unfair advantage. All members agree that the results of the test will be final and accepted by the participant(s). The use of a rod belt or gimbal is allowed. October 1 – end of February (Season 2): 100 fish (, April 1 – September 30 (Season 1): 75-fish, unless NMFS determines that 75% or more of the Season 1 quota has been landed, then, 50-fish, Limited incidental catch allowance for vessels with a valid commercial king mackerel permit AND a valid Atlantic commercial shark directed permit caught as bycatch in the directed shark gillnet fishery, Atlantic Northern Zone: 3 king mackerel per crew member may be retained and sold per trip, Atlantic Southern Zone: 2 king mackerel per crew member may be retained and sold per trip. RESPONSIBILITY OF MEMBERS: By registering as a member of the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA), and fishing a SKA Sanctioned Tournament or a SKA produced tournament, the member consents to the use, without payment or restrictions, of any photographs, and his or her name, in which the member, their crew and/or boat appears for any purpose whatsoever. Color of back iridescent bluish green or iron-gray, sides and belly silvery with pale to dusky fins; streamlined body with tapered head; distinguished from Spanish mackerel by the Spanish mackerel's lateral line, which dips sharply. Anglers are not out to set world records in tournament competition, and by allowing certain types of tackle and equipment, we allow them to increase their chances of boating a tournament-winning King Mackerel. lat.) 12. TEAM QUALIFICATION: To qualify for the National Championship a team must finish in the Top 25% of the Division(s) Class. Atlantic Southern Zone: 2 king mackerel per crew member may be retained and sold per trip Purse seine incidental catch of king mackerel cannot exceed 1% of the total catch on board (by weight or number of fish). The points for this category will be based on your Division Class standings and will ONLY count once you have 100% participation onboard. State regulation on total King Mackerel per boat, per day, will be applied to all SKA tournament vessels. Once a captain is determined, he or she will remain captain for that season. Range: Northern kingfish are found in the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Yucatan. Failure to conform will result in the immediate forfeiture of all points for the season for all boats involved. Senior Anglers must remain with one team in a division in order to garner points throughout the season. Gulf kingfish has no darker markings on side and inside of gill plate is pale; northern kingfish has more distinct diagonal bars and a horizontal stripe on sides, its 2nd dorsal spine is elongate and reaches past the beginning of the soft dorsal rays Captains and crew members are responsible for following and adhering to all local, state, and federal fishing and boating laws. All substitutions qualifying under these exceptions must be approved by SKA Director of Operations prior to tournament registration. Law enforcement officials may board tournament vessels without penalty to the team at any time during a tournament. Captains are responsible for the safety and conduct of their crew and/or team members during all aspects of an event. There will be no co-winners or equal placing in the divisions. This is a boat/team effort. Lady Anglers must be at least 16 years of age. Anglers are encouraged to use the least amount of hooks possible in order to increase the chances of survival for any kingfish who are released. Tournament protests must be made as soon a feasibly possible after the last fish is weighed in, and must be accompanied by a $500 cash deposit. Texas saltwater fishing records the Southern (Atlantic) Whiting at 3.62 lbs and the Gulf Whiting at 2.38 lbs in the record books. There is no longer a $10 fee for processing the Member Registration and Points form at each tournament. Members also agree to abide by any and all tournament rules and the decisions of the sanctioned tournament rules, committees and directors when joining the SKA. Abuse can result in disqualification from a sanctioned tournament and/or expulsion from the organization, at the discretion of the SKA management. The weighmaster, Tournament Director, or SKA management may disqualify any fish kept improperly after capture. The King Mackerel size limit rule is the exception. King mackerel spawn from April to November, with males maturing between their second and third year, and females between their third and fourth year. Any member putting the welfare of the general membership at risk with sponsors, or potential sponsors, will be expelled from the SKA immediately. In Mississippi, spawning occurs in the Mississippi Sound and south of the barrier islands. 26. SKA tournament participants agree that by entering a tournament, all rule protests and management decisions are final within the time frame allowed by the SKA/Tournament rules and not subject to any further interpretation and/or litigation. They do not have a dark splotch on the tail tip like gulf kingfish do. Southern kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus). Considerable latitude is allowed in the choice of a rod; however, any rods giving the angler an unfair advantage will be disqualified. North Charleston, SC 29405 Boat switching in a division is not allowed with the exception of approved breakdown substitution. Floats are prohibited with the exception of any flotation device attached to the line or leader for the sole purpose of regulating the depth of the bait. Anyone violating the honor system will not be awarded points for that event. SKA National Championships Postponed until April 14-17, 2021. KING MACKEREL. SKA rewards them for participating with the team only. However, a change in the federal guidelines will allow the recreational […] 4055 Faber Place drive, Suite 201. A limited access commercial permit for king mackerel required. Release Citation: 16 IN. Anglers and members are expected to practice good sportsmanship and set good examples. SKA ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:  Associate Members are NOT entitled to compete for points in any Divisional competition or allowed entry to fish in the National Championship. All decisions made by sanctioned tournaments, their rules committees, and directors are final. Please keep in mind that this is a family fishing organization. Margins of fins often … In the event a Lady Angler is indicated but does not fish, it is the responsibility of the team captain to notify the SKA representative before the last fish is weighed at the event, so the SKA Points Form can be corrected. Ties are broken by the weight of the largest of the three fish counted for scoring. At all times Captains should keep boat registration, proof of insurance, and any other boat ownership information in a plastic bag in a safe dry place on the vessel. 2. 14. As a … Competition Junior Anglers are entitled to the following: The right to compete in any number of the Divisions, and Junior Angler category if qualified. The SKA staff reserves the right to inspect fish prior to being weighed. Any boat rendering assistance will not be disqualified. Members registering on-site will receive a copy for their records. Take only fish that you intend to weigh and release the rest unharmed to grow and reproduce. Members must be ready for photo presentation with all SKA members present. Authorized gear: For Atlantic king mackerel north of the Cape Lookout, NC Light (34° 37.3' N. Using a size or type of bait that is illegal to possess. Fishermen may possess undersized king mackerel less than or equal to 5% by weight of the king mackerel onboard. King mackerel commonly occur in depths of 12–45 m (40–150 ft), where the principal fisheries occur. Also known as whiting. Ratchet handle reels are prohibited. A kingfish of 20-25kg would feed an entire family. Captains are responsible for their crew’s and/or teammates’ actions at all time. No altering of a fish’s weight, in any way, is allowed i.e. Any and all ties in the divisional competition will be broken. Wire lines are prohibited. 15. CONSERVATION: Each and every member is encouraged to practice and set examples of good conservation. In the event the SKA is unable to attain the final results from the Tournament representatives at the conclusion of the tournament, prizes, points, etc. Remember that this is a team and machine contest. They do not have to weigh a fish to be invited. Hand lining or using a hand line or rope attached in any manner to the angler’s line or leader for the purpose of holding or lifting a fish. The Veteran Angler cannot get points on multiple boats throughout a single division but may switch to a different boat in a different division. 28. SKA TOURNAMENT TRAIL & DIVISION RULES:  There are 10 divisions in the SKA. It is mandatory that all vessels carry the prescribed Coast Guard approved flotation devices for all people on board, plus an approved EPIRB and/or PLB, and an approved fire extinguisher. On this beautiful Monday afternoon, Hart and Jordan arrived on Ramp 34, just north of the village of Avon, where Hart had previously caught large Sea Mullet / Southern Kingfish. Lady Anglers must be a member of the team that drives the boat, angles, gaffs, or participates in catching the fish. Inappropriate language, poor sportsmanship, and disrespectful or demeaning communication is strictly prohibited. The southern kingfish is identified by a yellowish appearance with indistinct bronze blotches. Angler Brett Jordan from Florence, S.C., at Frank and Fran’s in Avon. This must be done for each event they fish. ELIGIBILITY: You must be an active Competition Member of the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) to win any SKA sponsored prizes. Should the tournament director or rules committee elect to disqualify a team or fish, the SKA will uphold their ruling without question or hesitation in the standings of that tournament. The Southern Kingfish Association is in the unfortunate position of having to announce the postponement of SKA Nationals slated for August 27-29, 2020 at Causeway Cove Marina in Ft. Pierce, Florida to April 14-17, 2021. All team members fishing each event must be current SKA members for the team to be eligible for the Kingfish Kash incentive program. Some call it the “Southern Kingfish,” but around here we just call it Whiting. There will be a maximum of five (5) hooks allowed per rig. You will also receive a personalized membership card with your name and membership number and access to member discounts provided by SKA industry partners. H. ANY OF THE FOLLOWING MAY DISQUALIFY A CATCH:  Failure to comply with any local, state, federal, tournament or Tournament/SKA angling regulations. If the Angler is 12 years of age on January 1 of that calendar year, they are eligible for competition in the Junior Angler class. Kingfishes are demersal (live near and feed on the bottom) members of the drum family. G. ANGLING REGULATIONS: A harness may be attached to the rod and reel, but not to a fighting chair. Any angler or captain being disqualified from a sanctioned or SKA produced tournament because of a rule violation, regardless of the severity of the violation, will not receive points for that day of the disqualification. VETERAN ANGLER AWARD: The top Veteran Angler in each division event will be recognized. Primary membership for new members includes limited-edition membership T-Shirt (while supplies last), SKA Member Only TWT’s, two SKA decals, and one SKA embroidered full-color patch (while supplies last). A SKA representative will be on-site or the On-line Points Form will be completed by Captains and/or Co-Captains with SKA representatives available during the hours of tournament registration in person or by phone. (Injuries caused by line or leader, gaff marks, old healed scars or regeneration deformities are not disqualifying injuries). They are most … Any team violating tournament rules, expelled or disqualified from an event, or attempts to initiate litigation, will not be allowed to fish any SKA sanctioned event. They feed on other migratory fishes, squid, and shrimp, and may be seen leaping out of the water in pursuit of prey. Teams are not permitted to carry extra fuel onboard the vessel. Veteran Anglers must be clearly and properly marked on the SKA Points Form to be eligible for points (must be done at each event they fish). 19. In the event that the largest fish also tie, the winner will be determined by the second largest fish weighed in. Length is measured from the forward-most part of the bow to the stern (or transom) of the boat, in a straight line parallel to the water. as required by Maritime Law. Any tournament official, tournament sponsor, SKA executive and/or employee entering a tournament, in compliance with the tournament rules and SKA rules, is eligible for any and all prizes provided no such individual should be involved in any disputes that arise out of the said tournament. The matter will be taken under advisement. The Senior Angler’s 55th birthday must fall prior to January 1 of the calendar year of competition. The Lonnie Broadwell Senior Angler of the Year award will be awarded to the divisional winner (Male or Female) in the Senior Angler category with the highest three fish aggregate point total. ANY AND ALL PROTESTS WILL BE ADDRESSED THROUGH THE TEAM CAPTAIN ONLY. Otherwise, during any SKA sanctioned tournament, the following set of Angling Rules shall apply to all SKA members and nonmembers fishing a SKA sanctioned event.A. King Mackerel Regulation 4 VAC 20-540-10 et seq. 16. SKA recommends designating a co-captain at the beginning of the season in case the captain cannot be onboard for an event. In the event that the largest fish also tie, the winner will be determined by the second largest fish weighed in. Note to Captains: Make sure throughout the season that any crew you would like to attend the National Championship are current SKA Competition members. The markings on Southern kingfish and Gulf kingfish are not nearly as prominent and do not form the V-shaped pattern. Anyone violating the honor system will not be awarded points for that event. The boat rendering assistance must maintain any time schedules and/or weigh-in hours. 1. Breakdown(s): See Sanctioned Tournament and SKA Produced Tournament Rules, number 7. Entangling devices, either with or without a hook are prohibited and may not be used for any purpose including baiting, hooking, fighting or landing the fish. Any boat receiving assistance is disqualified for that day only. Captains and crew members must abide by State and Local laws. North Carolina offers some great fishing opportunities. Check with a SKA director for ruling on your vessel if you have questions. 3. If any team knowingly weighs or attempts to weigh a fish after receiving assistance from any other vessel, they will be disqualified from the SKA and/or disqualified by Tournament Officials upon protest from any other team or member. ELIGIBILITY: You must be an active Competition Member of the Southern Kingfish Association (SKA) to win any SKA sponsored prizes. If the protest is upheld, the deposit will be returned, otherwise, the deposit becomes property of the tournament or SKA. LADY ANGLER AWARDS: The Lady Angler’s best three fished events within her division will count toward points for that season. In a two-day, two-fish aggregate event, the tie will be broken on the basis of the team’s largest fish of the two weighed in. A copy should also be kept on board at all times. ... Delaware Creel limit .. None .. Below is a video of us catching southern kingfish in Delaware on Delaware Surf Fishing University (DSFU) A fluorocarbon line may also be used. if you begin the year in the Small Boat Class, garner points, then purchase a boat larger than 26 feet, you will NOT be allowed to transfer points between the Small Boat Class and the Open Class. Mouth small, inferior; maxilla reaching below hind margin of eye. South of the Cape Lookout Light the following gear is authorized: automatic reel, bandit gear, handline, rod & reel. 8. All members of any SKA team or tournament participants entering and participating in an SKA sanctioned or produced event agrees that all polygraph results are final and agree that the subject of the polygraph will not be challenged beyond the posting of the results. The Senior Angler cannot get points on multiple boats throughout a single division but may switch to a different boat in a different division. They are most … No boat is permitted to make landfall, congregate with another boat, and/or pass anything between boats or land after checkout and before weigh-in each day. There must be a minimum of 25 teams with 100% memberships in that Division/Class to be eligible for the payout. Past National Champions do not have to fish in the class they won in, if they fish the minimum required two (2) sanctioned events in that class. Range: Northern kingfish are found in the Atlantic Ocean from Maine to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Yucatan. In SKA sanctioned events, anglers with Federal Permits that allow them to keep more King Mackerel than State Regulations will not be recognized. 18. E. BAIT, HOOKS, and LURES: It is the overall intent of the SKA to prevent any angler from attempting to/or obtaining an unfair advantage over any other anglers. Fishing Tips: Cannot combine state and federal bag limits. You can buy Shilajit ES capsules from reputable online stores. There are no requirements on the strength of the leader or shock leader. Reels designed to be cranked with both hands at the same time are prohibited. The minimum size for MOF regulations is 75cm, with a daily bag limit of three per day – which is ridiculously generous. All anglers should keep in mind that, if they are interested in setting a world record, they would need to modify their tackle and equipment to conform to IGFA rules. In the event of cancellation due to bad weather or any other reason, all efforts to reschedule will be made and the event will count as a divisional sanctioned tournament. You may not transfer points between Classes during a season. 20. Abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs will result in disqualification and/or expulsion from the organization at the discretion of SKA management. In the event of identical big fish weights, the size of the second-largest fish will break the tie, and if necessary, the third-largest fish. Subversive or damaging comments directed at the SKA and/or its Sponsors and members is strongly discouraged. This is for the safety of the weighmaster and fish handlers. The NEXTGEN Angler cannot get points on multiple boats throughout a single division but may switch to a different boat in a different division. No SKA angler shall unnecessarily kill a King Mackerel during a tournament or while pre-fishing unless said fish is to be weighed or used as table fare. 23. Boat switching in a division is not allowed with the exception of approved breakdown substitution. There will be one Lady Angler of the Year award. Mutilation of the fish prior to landing or boating the catch, caused by sharks, barracuda, any other fish, mammals, or propellers that hampers the fish’s natural fighting and swimming ability. Upon registration, teams must declare their desired division. Awards and Weights from Partnered Tournaments: The official/final Tournament Results are given to the SKA to base all points, prizes, etc. C. ROD: Rods must comply with sporting ethics and customs. There are no restrictions on the length of the rod or type of material in its manufacture. A Fishery Performance Report is available for this species -. General Description Elongate, silvery-gray or tan, belly white; 7 – 8 faint dark bars on sides. This is largely in the case of ribbonfish or silver eels. CAPTAIN QUALIFICATIONS: For members to register as captain or co-captain, they must be at least 16 years of age and have had their 16th  birthday prior to January 1 of that season. Captain or Co-Captain must be a SKA Competition member(s) and one or both must be onboard in order to receive points in their division. Colloquially known as “Sea Mullet”, “Whiting”, “Virginia Mullet”, “King Croaker”, and “Kingfish”, the humble and delicious kingfish is an often targeted local drum. 6. The MSO of the boat must be in the dealer’s name and the name given the boat at the start of the season must remain the same. Exception: In the event, your boat cannot be repaired because of circumstances beyond your control, you must get special approval from SKA management to change boats for the remainder of the season or until the problem is resolved. Fish must be turned in on the same day they are caught. JUNIOR ANGLER AWARDS: The Junior Angler’s best three fished events within their division will count toward points for that season. If a tournament does not collect your catch, you are responsible for disposing of the fish in an appropriate manner. Intentionally foul hooking a fish. SKA officials and/or tournament representatives reserve the right to inspect all boats entered in competition at any time. At that age, the males are approximately 5.3 inches long, while females are substantially larger, at a length of about 7.5 inches. The boat with the larger fish will break the tie. It is imperative that SKA Member registration and SKA Points Form are completed in full, by designated deadlines. Special consideration for physically impaired members will be pre-arranged upon request. Members smoking or drinking during picture taking will not have their photos used in Angler magazine. This means the angler’s name will appear on the Points Form that is submitted to the SKA at the captain's meeting, or on-line where applicable, and the team pays the entry fee to the tournament. Charter boat/headboat operators must possess a vessel permit for Atlantic Coastal Migratory Pelagics and must comply with bag limits. You will also receive a personalized membership card with your name and membership number and access to member discounts provided by SKA industry partners. 27. There will be (3) Top NEXTGEN Anglers of the Year. ... bag limit or size limit. Kingfish are better known by their nicknames. You may choose to fish Open Class in a Small Boat (26.5’ LOA or less). The harness may be replaced or adjusted by a person other than the angler. The southern kingfish is another popular fish to catch in the summertime to the fall in Delaware, showing up in the surf, inland bays, and Delaware bay. Bait pens may be kept at locations other than with a vessel at a marina or a home dock, however, no bait from these pens can be removed after check out nor can a team stop on their way to the weigh-in dock and put bait in a pen.

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