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In oral hygiene, an important place is occupied by a toothbrush. It removes plaque and pieces of food from the teeth, and massages the gums. Therefore, her choice must be approached carefully, especially if there are problems with enamel or gums. All toothbrushes are mainly divided into too soft, soft, medium hard and extra hard. Which one to choose for daily brushing?

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For babies whose teeth are still milky, and for people with periodontal disease, very soft brushes are great. To find such, you need treinamento to contact the dentist: he will conduct an examination of enamel and gums and tell the brand and type of brush. With such a brush there will be no damage to the enamel, nor blood during brushing. Look for brushes marked “sensitive” in the store.

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If a person has a history of diabetes, then a soft brush will do. The same women are advised to use “in position”, because during pregnancy the teeth can fall out and become more sensitive. But at the same time, it is necessary to brush your teeth carefully so as not to harm the snakes and gums.

A brush with normal hardness can be used by anyone who has no problems with teeth and gums. But the hard one is designed for coffee, tea and cigarette lovers: it effectively cleans the teeth of yellow plaque. There is also a type of brush, as super-hard. Such brushes can be cleaned both removable and non-removable dentures.

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When choosing a brush, you need to evaluate the size of its working part. As a rule, it should be so long as to capture two teeth at the same time when brushing. The best option is brushes with a “floating” head. They provide the highest quality cleansing and do not put pressure on the teeth. For the fastest and most effective brushing, we recommend you buy a Philips brush, which will help you keep your teeth and gums in perfect condition.

As for the material from which the bristles of the brush are made, there is an important nuance. Despite the fact that now there is a “boom of naturalness” in everything, including people trying to use toothbrushes with natural bristles, it has already been proven that such brushes are a real “hotbed” of bacteria and microbes harmful to the oral cavity. Therefore, in everyday life order asse ipotalamico pituitario it is better to use a brush with nylon bristles.

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When choosing a brush, you need to evaluate its bristles. Run it over your hand: if the bristles do not scratch, then the brush is suitable for teeth.

There are also battery-powered oral hygiene brushes. They are useful in that they do not put pressure on the teeth, gently cleanse them of food and plaque, have spare nozzles in the kit. But such people are best suited for those people who have no particular problems. With sensitive enamel and during the treatment of gum disease, electric brushes are more likely to do more harm than good.

Here are perhaps the main criteria for choosing toothbrushes for each family member. For children – soft, for adults – of medium hardness, for elderly – also soft or super-hard for cleaning dental “bridges” and crowns

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